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Melissa Truksa


Melissa grew up in the small town of Yutan, NE.  She attended Doane College on an athletic scholarship for volleyball and softball, while pursuing a physical education degree with an emphasis in athletic training.  She attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007. Her career began in Lincoln, NE where she was exposed to patients with complicated chronic lower back pain and SI joint Dysfunction ranging from teenagers with scoliosis to the elderly with chronic conditions. She also experienced a back injury herself. “I have experienced the debilitating pain and sense of helplessness because I was unable to do what I physically wanted to do. I also felt the joy of hope when physical therapy exercises resolved my pain.  I think going through it definitely made me a better practitioner because, I experienced the rehab process first hand.”

Melissa joined Dynamic Life Therapy in the fall of 2013.  She specializes in Postural Restoration techniques.  Melissa has a passion for assessing and treating postural compensation patterns. “I strive to educate my patients in the understanding of their body and to give them the tools so that they can fix themselves.” Given her personal experiences she enjoys working with lower back pain, neck pain and SI joint dysfunction.

Melissa is married and lives on a farm with her husband and daughters.  Outside of therapy she enjoys watching high school and college volleyball. “I rarely miss a NU volleyball match or football game. GBR!”

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