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Kim Kern

Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor

Kim Kern has over 200 hours of Yoga Training in a variety of Yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Chair Yoga. Kim has practiced yoga since 1999, and has been a Yoga Instructor since 2010. She realizes that everyone’s body is different and yoga poses will look different on everyone. Kim will help you make any needed adjustments so your Yoga poses work for your body. Kim’s goal is for everyone to practice yoga safely, no matter what your body type or physical condition. You will find her Yoga classes a challenging yet peaceful, relaxing experience, balancing the body, breath and movement. Kim is also an instructor of Tai Chi, with the ‘Moving for Better Balance’ program. “When I found Yoga, I was struggling with a variety of health issues, an eating disorder, and depression. Yoga helped me to overcome my physical challenges and find balance in my life. It helped me deal with the stresses of life, helping me find peace of mind. Yoga is a wonderful gift that was giving to me and I love to share it with others.”

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