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Yoga has changed my life. My body has transformed before my eyes. Time and a great instructor helped that!
Tami B.

Fitness / Yoga

Gentle Yoga

For beginners or those seeking a slower paced practice, the not so flexible, and for those of us with a little extra "fluff". This class helps to make the posses work for your body, by using props. Traditional Mat yoga, but, getting up and down on a mat is limited. Emphasis on learning proper alignment for your body, breathing and stretching. Most leave feeling calm and peaceful.

Moving to Music

Healthy Steps is a therapeutic exercise SET TO MUSIC! Each class is equal to 2000 to 2500 steps or about a mile.  Class can be done either standing or sitting in a chair. This class improves overall wellness, range-of-motion, balance, strength and endurance. You can expect to leave feeling energized and up-beat.

Personalize your yoga style.

Individual classes offered!  You can start anytime!

Chair Yoga

Very gentle, done at a relaxing pace. Chairs are used for seated postures, no getting down on a mat required. Standing poses using a chair for optional balance. Poses are specifically chosen to strengthen balance, increase range of motion, build muscle tissue, and protect the joints.

Mixed Level Yoga

Moderately paced class with more challenging poses. Emphasis is on increasing your strength, flexibility and endurance, while building your core. Each class is a little different, with plenty of breathing, stretching, toning and lengthening. Most leave with a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation.

Tai Chi

A Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. Gentle, low impact with minimal stress on muscles and joints. Great for improving balance and flexibility.

Discount offered coming 2 times a week. Come try one class for FREE.

Please call the office for time/day of each class 402-606-4492.

Kim Kern
Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor